SingMet Global is a Singapore based scrap supplier specializing in processing and exporting Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap, Plastic Scrap and Paper Scrap. We provide end to end integrated services, offering all solution to our customer at each stage of the supply chain.

SingMet Global is merely a stereotype supplying house but also a premium exporter of ferrous, non-ferrous metals & Waste Papercovering the Scrap Grades horizons of ASEAN Countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos. Over the years, SingMet Global has gained the reputation of an Industry Leader in the scrap metals industries across the ASEAN countries. Yet, not by being limited to its roots it has captured a great fraction of the Middle East, Africa, and Indian Market and marked its presence there.

Being the Industry Leader, SingMet Global takes pride being a company who has great technical knowledge and expertise and provides the marvelous experience over the trade by providing straightforward and facile process, best-in-class infrastructure and extensive services to the end-user segment.

From the best, you can assuredly expect the best. Get undoubtedly best prices, best turn-around time and best value of the trade.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure promises to maintain a high level of stock, ensuring timely delivery of customer orders. We strive to give our best assistance personal attention needed in achieving customer’s satisfaction.


We at SingMet Global has a mission to retain our position as Industry Leader by continuously delivering quality products at the best margins and timely. We strive to maintain our sustainable business practices and we are constantly seeking to optimize and enhance our quality and productivity. Our biggest mission is to enhance sustainable business practices and thereby preserve the environment and help to maintain the Quality of Life.


SingMet Global has earned a good reputation over the ASEAN Market as an Industry leader. With its roots based in Singapore and providing core services to ASEAN Market, we envision to spread our wings and cater to the International Continental Market. It is our vision to make our brand globally known for its quality products and superior services. We also a vision to be the most preferred, reliable & trusted trade partner.

Our company exists to provide one thing – customer satisfaction and that is why we opt to maintain our quality standards. We remain committed to our values, to provide total customer satisfaction.


Deliver Quality Products

Provide Best-In-Class Servcies

Delivering Right Quantity at Right Time

Attain Sustainable Business Practices

Deliver Our Commitment

Attain Maximum Customer Satisfaction


Singmet Global takes pride in delivery the best trade experience. We guranatee;

  • Best Quality Products

  • Maintain Industry Standards

  • Best Deals at Best Bargains
  • Extraordinary Customer Service Experience.

  • Best After Sales Response


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